Prospect Terrace

CJ Construction Management LLC was hired to perform pre-construction and site management services on this community-wide renovation for the Allegheny County Housing Authority. The scope of work included, but was not limited to removal and replacement of over 1000 linear feet of sidewalks and roofs on all 11 buildings. In addition, extensive interior renovations were done to all 100 units and we installed a geothermal climate control system.


The General Trades contractor, who was responsible for all site coordination, hired CJCMLLC to build the construction schedule and manage the entire project, including four other prime contractors’ coordination issues. We managed the project from the site trailer and served as the primary conduit for relating site issue and coordinating their resolution through the architect and owner team.

During this time we also performed trouble-shooting services on a community center new construction project for the same General Trades contractor and owned by the Mckeesport Housing Authority. The project was facing significant delays due to the inability to get answers to more than 25 RFI’s. CJCM came in and analyzed the outstanding issues and their impact on the schedule.

We worked with the owner and architects to process our clients answers, as well as an additional 30 RFI’s from the other prime contractors on the site. We tracked the total outstanding RFI trail and coordinated resolution of the items and rescheduled the job based on the new answers. We eliminated the delays and the project was completed on time. All of this work was processed and managed from the field.

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