Bikram Yoga Studio

CJCMLLC recently completed the Design / Build conversion of 3000 square feet of interior space in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh into a Bikram Yoga studio.


This was a very challenging project. We had minimal design specs from the beginning. It was essentially design / build the old school way. In addition to dealing with numerous unforeseen conditions in this 100 year old space, we had to design a mechanical system to bring the yoga room to a temperature of 105 degrees and 40% humidity for a 90 minute class.

Adding to the challenge was the fact that both exterior walls (the space is on the second floor of a corner building) were 70% glass. Good windows, but not ideal for the amount of heat and humidity we had to sustain. We installed a separate RTU to feed the yoga room and added three humidifiers with hard line water feeds to supply the necessary conditions. The final touch was the ceramic and flooring work. The paint scheme was chosen by the owners. Everything came together into a beautiful finished product.

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